Learn to DANCE!

Enroll with Ballroom, Country, Swing, or Salsa!

  • Learn with a Clear, Easy System
  • Build Fitness and Confidence
  • Meet our School Community
  • Perform in a Showcase
  • Compete in Competitions

Make new friends and find new experiences as you find your new warm and welcoming “getaway”.

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Learn the Language of Dance

Salsa, swing, ballroom, country, and more, learn the language of dance!


We have group classes and special events going on all month!


Have an amazing choreography for your first dance on your special day!


Not all studios are the same – learn why CDF is your new dance studio!

Why Chicago Dance Factory

Not every teacher or school is the same

At Chicago Dance Factory, you will learn from teachers who inspire you to dance and get better using a very clear teaching system that will build you into a great dancer.

Learn to actually dance

Instead of teaching you only patterns, Chicago Dance Factory teaches “Dance as a Language” that will allow you to speak with people in the Chicago Dance Community and around the world.

Meet a Whole New Community

We frequently host student-only functions to give you a chance to meet your fellow dancers in a fun environment. Ready for the next level? We will help you get dancing at a social level, then introduce you to the dance community.

Travel the country (or world)

Does Orlando, Las Vegas, or Nashville sound fun? You can travel and compete in all these locations and more – and after a great event, relax and have fun while we travel and discover the charm of the local area!

Build confidence, stay healthy

Dancing is one of the best ways to exercise, build self-esteem, and stay physically fit! Studies show that dancers maintain a higher quality of life as they age both in the mind and physically. Besides, who doesn’t love looking great on the dance floor?