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Having an amazing wedding dance!

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Wedding Dance Pricing

  • The “Easy” Wedding Dance $395 – (4 private lessons)For those who don’t have a lot of time or just want to keep it simple, learn our “easy method” that lets you get dancing very quickly so that you can “social” dance your first dance providing you with a dance skillset that you will be able to use the rest of your life!

  • The “Choreographed” Wedding Dance $1195 – (12 private lessons) Learn a full routine choreographed specifically for you to the song of your choice, music editing included up to 2.5 minutes.  You will also be trained in the dance that you are learning for the routine giving you the skills to dance as much as you wish to music that fits that dance.

  • The “Showstopper” Wedding Dance $2495 – (24 private lessons)For couples who want to go all out and put on a major performance as well as have entertainment at their wedding. This includes choreography and dance training for the first dance song, training of the wedding party for an “ensemble” dance and the guidance you’ll need to create the wedding dance your friends and family will talk about for years.  If the schedule permits, we’ll also come out and teach a dance lesson at your wedding! (see Dirty Dance Video)

Why Chicago Dance Factory?

1.  We are actual professionally trained choreographers who not only understand musicality but teach it.  Creating choreography is a trained skill that is above and beyond being a dance teacher.

2.  You can see our work for yourself (videos).  None of the couples on this page had prior dance experience and their choreography was created based on who they were and what they envisioned.

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Student Video: A DIRTY DANCE WEDDING– Jaci & Dustin had no dance experience when they came to Chicago Dance Factory. Watch their amazing wedding video and then the making of in their six month journey of learning the actual dance from the movie “Dirty Dancing”.

Wedding Choreography Videos

Quinceanera Choreography

If your daughter is turning 15 and wants a Quinceanera dance that people will remember, Chicago Dance Factory is the place that can happen.

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