Entertainment Services

Entertainment for your wedding, private party, or corporate

  • Event Planning

    Plan your event with us as we design a flow that will keep the energy going in your event and help to ensure that things run smoothly and with a pulse eliminating dead energy disasters.

  • Master of Ceremonies

    Have a professional MC lead your night and keep it flowing smoothly while both entertaining and driving the audience.

  • DJ and Lighting Services

    Use our interactive DJ services with DJ’s who watch the pulse of the crowd and keep your night fresh. Add our lighting module and add mystery and enchantment to your night.

  • Group Dance Lessons

    Get your attendees moving with dance lessons that get everyone up and moving. Dances can range from Salsa to Swing and even line dance!

  • Vocals

    Have professional singers add their voices to your event.

  • Party Games

    Choose from dozens of party games that will have your people laughing and engaged.

  • Team Building and Ice Breaker Exercises

    Have MC lead exercises develop synergy among your members or use ice breaker games to open the doors to developing solid working relationships between your members.

  • Full Customized Musical / Show

    Have a fully customized musical or show designed for your event. The Royal Masquerade Ball


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About Us

Why Chicago Dance Factory


Learn Dance, Not Just Patterns

There is more to dancing than learning basic steps and patterns. At Chicago Dance Factory, you can learn movement in a way that will positively change the way you move, play sports, and even walk for the rest of your life.

Be Inspired

Not every dance teacher or school is the same. At Chicago Dance Factory, learn from teachers who dance at a level that will give you inspiration by the way they move along with a very clear system they will use to build you into a dancer.

Meet a Whole New Community

As a member, you'll be invited to student functions giving you a chance to meet other students who may become life long friends as well as your "support group". Our first objective is to help you get dancing at a social level and introduce you to the community.


Dance in a Showcase or Competition

If your dream is to dance in a show, that can happen with one of our Student Showcase Events where you can invite who ever you wish to attend. If your dream is to dance in competition, Chicago Dance Factory travels with students to exotic places like Orlando, Nashville, and Las Vegas.

Stay Fit and Build Confidence

Dancing is one of the best ways to exercise and stay physically fit. Studies show that dancers maintain a higher quality of life as they age both in the mind and physically. Becoming proficient on the dance floor will also greatly build your self esteem. Learning to dance can be one of the most powerful self development skills you can acquire.


Register for Class

If you have purchased a private lesson package or would like to schedule an introductory dance lesson, please complete the form below. If you are not called within 48 hours, please call us at 630-410-1010 between 10am and 4pm, Monday through Friday.

LESSON CERTIFICATES: You must bring your payment receipt or certificate with you to your first appointment along with a completed student information sheet. Expired deals and certificates will always be honored or may be traded for equivalent available services.