Group Classes Week Summary

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  • 8:00pm Musicality & Movement
  • 9:00pm Bachata Choreography Class


  • 8:00pm Intro to Salsa / Bachata
  • 8:30pm Salsa / Bachata Survival Skills
  • 9:15pm Latin Dance Party


8:00 pm West Coast Swing Musicality & Movement 

Discover the “SECRET FORMULA” that makes the difference between a YES and NO on AGT, that’s used in movies, commercials, and music videos world wide, and is what “DANCE”  really is all about.  Chicago Dance Factory’s Unique Musicality & Movement Class both educates and embeds the math formulas behind musicality and movement into students.  Students learn to use the ABC’s of musicality first in their solo freestyle dancing before attempting to put it into their couples dancing.

Goals can be as simple as wanting to become a musical and fun social dancer to being able to define and demonstrate crucial concepts that judges look for at different levels of competition.

What to Expect:

  • Part 1 –  Defining and drilling the ABC’s of Musicality (Pulsing, Lyrical and Phrasing)
  • Part 2 – Team Labs –  Drills that build students understanding and use of musicality.
  • Part 3 – Finale Mini Dance Party – Take a “Stroll” down the middle of the lane “Soul Train” style while you practice your musicality or just let loose!

Can I Just Drop In?  YES – Drops In’s are Allowed but to truly embed the concepts, students should attend regularly for an extended period of time.

Admission: $15 per class / $20 for both Monday classes

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9:00 pm Bachata Solo Choreography and Styling Class 

Learn the latest Bachata Choreography taught by Rachel Stomiany where students focus on movements, isolations, and arm styling.  Open to both men and women, this class could lead to a possible future Salsa/Bachata Choreography Team.

Watch here to see a sample of a Bachata Choreo class by Rachel.

Admission: $15 per class / $20 for both Monday classes

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8:00 pm Beginner Salsa or Bachata

For beginners, this class covers the basic rhythms and shape of the Salsa or Bachata along with a core pattern.

Classes alternate weekly between Salsa and Bachata.

8:30 pm Salsa / Bachata Survival Skills 

Focusing on either LA Style Salsa or Moderna Bachata with a dash on Sensual, this class first delves into core concepts and variations and adds spice to students repertoires by adding styling, shaping and exciting patterns to take to the club.  Class is Salsa on odd weeks of each month and Bachata on even weeks.  For Social Level Dancers who already have a comfortable use of the dance.

9:15 pm Latin Practice Dance Party & Social

Practice Party with Music for Salsa, Bachata, with a dash of Cumbia and Merengue


Admission $10 – Classes and Open Dance Included

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About Us

Why Chicago Dance Factory

Be Inspired

Not every dance teacher or school is the same. At Chicago Dance Factory, learn from teachers who dance at a level that will give you inspiration by the way they move along with a very clear system they will use to build you into a dancer.

Learn Dance, Not Just Patterns

There is more to dancing than learning basic steps and patterns. At Chicago Dance Factory, you can learn movement in a way that will positively change the way you move, play sports, and even walk for the rest of your life.

Meet a Whole New Community

As a member, you’ll be invited to student functions giving you a chance to meet other students who may become life long friends as well as your “support group”. Our first objective is to help you get dancing at a social level and introduce you to the community.

Dance in a Showcase or Competition

If your dream is to dance in a show, that can happen with one of our Student Showcase Events where you can invite who ever you wish to attend.
If your dream is to dance in competition, Chicago Dance Factory travels with students to exotic places like Orlando, Nashville, and Las Vegas.

Stay Fit and Build Confidence

Dancing is one of the best ways to exercise and stay physically fit. Studies show that dancers maintain a higher quality of life as they age both in the mind and physically. Becoming proficient on the dance floor will also greatly build your self esteem. Learning to dance can be one of the most powerful self development skills you can acquire.